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Your's truly!

Hi there!

This is Bhuvaneshwar. I live in Bangalore, work in a research group to make sure the earth is safe to live in, love my job and my cup of lemon tea; Also my long evening drives down the country side..... I hate interlopers, liars and overcast skies! My love for bright sunsets is as deep as the sea that swallows the setting sun.........

Research (Electrochemistry and spectroscopy) is one of my passions in addition to Singing - Carnatic music, Acting - Comedy and of course.... Poetry. My latest interest is blogging!

I fell in love with research when as a young kid in grade 9 I dropped copper filings into a test tube containing hot nitric acid and watch the gas evolution (now I know it's the famous hydrogen evolution reaction that concurs with the corrosion of Cu). As destiny would have it, I work on the corrosion of copper for my PhD!
I also love cooking......

Music! Ahh..... I don't just love Carnatic music - I soak in it..... I stopped learning it 15 years ago, yet it continues to soothe my soul!

And at last, I love literature and am a poet myself. I live my ideal romantic dreams with poetry!!! lol!!! Kalidasa, Valmiki, and all ancient Tamil poetry..... They have given me great company even before I knew what science was!!!

And hey.... did I tell you? I just love traveling, going places......

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