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July 30, 2012

In God We trust

In as much as the timeless science of Astrology is true, one must bear in his mind that the planets themselves are as powerless as the persons that we are. By that I mean to say, they are but mere dispensers of what is allotted to a person - good and bad, at the appointed time.

Many a person goes to various temples to perform parihaaram - conciliatory rites or prayers - and those temples are usually associated with a planet.

Those help but only to the extent as to make the person stronger to bear the yoke. Nay, they do not absolve anyone of the Karma.

There is no point in blaming a planet for what it causes in your life - or apparently does so - those are but fruits of our own action.

There no point in blaming the postman that delivers a court notice to a robber for a crime he did! He may of course plead clemency and make a turn for the better. But that plea should be addressed to the Head of State, not the post man.

On the same lines of thought, the right Parihaaram is to make a conscious effort to redeem oneself from at least this moment, and to not consciously perform a negative act to add to the already heavy bag of the such and an earnest prayer to the Almighty, for forgiveness, and guidance.

An earnest prayer is never turned away, every sinner has his redemption ready, if only he would actively seek it.

I do not mean discard Astrology - it is credible; I mean, there is no point in cribbing about what has happened or is set to happen and blaming the planets for that when in fact they are but neutral postmen delivering the results of what we have made ourselves to deserve. Poor planets, leave them alone.

As the American would say, as would any true believer say, In God We Trust!

நம்பினோர் கெடுவதில்லை, நம்புவதைத்தவிர வேறு வழியும் இல்லை!


The so called evil planets are after all, not that bad, I surmise. They are the ones that make one realize the real truth and make him seek God. So are they bad? I don't think so. There at all is no such thing as a bad planet, if so.


ramjin said...

Good one Bhuvanesh. Very precise and neat :)

bdharmal said...

Thank you, Ramji..... :)